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Marry ME, Dhoni!

Indian media is gaga over Dhoni’s crush on Bollywood star Deepika Padukone. It is believed that Dhoni invited Deepika to watch the T20 match with Australia, which was sealed by a marvellous six off Dhoni’s willow. Cameras turned to record Deepika’s reaction and she was obviously enjoying the moment. Mr. MS Dhoni also requested Shahrukh Khan for a special screening of ‘Om Shanti Om’ for the Indian team in which the damsel acted. Dhoni cut his locks at Deepika’s request (or behest), it is speculated.

What more proof is needed? I think, media is right this time.

But, no love story is complete without a twist. Yuvraj Singh was spotted with Dhoni’s girl at a disco, recently. Rest is left to be concluded by the vivid imagination of the learned reader…



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Filmi Chakkar

Shell Shocked


This is one of the best close-ups of Shoaib Aktar. I picked this one up from today’s edition of “Deccan Chronicle”. His bulging eyes, puffs at their lower periphery and a receding hairline clearly show that he is gradually losing youth and soon he will bid farewell to international cricket.

So what will the ‘Rawalpindi Express’ do for a living after he retires? Will he be able to use the same sobriquet he’s been using since his early days? The answer to both the questions is a big YES. How?! Because he is about to sign his first Bollywood venture for a whooping 1o million rupees.

He says he missed the opportunity of a life time when he tendered an apology to Mahesh Bhatt for not being able to take up the latter’s then project – ‘Gangster’. But this time the speedster is all set to make amends.

And guess what? The bone of contention in the current deal is the payment amount of Rs. 10 million. The speedster is not going to settle for anything below Rs. 80 million.

His agent is in talks with the film makers. So fasten your seat belts to see the Express in an a very new avatar. (Photo Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle)

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